International Debuting Superstars in MLS' 2015-16 Season

After Beckham's successful foray in Major League Soccer, an increasing number of international superstars are looking to make their marks here, too. While most are veterans looking to extend their careers while cushioned by the substantial financial incentives, there's also speculation over some exciting young arrivals, latest among whom is former Manchester United poacher Javier Hernandez. Here are some of the more notable additions to the league for the new season:

Steven Gerrard - LA Galaxy
Effectively replacing Landon Donovan and Beckham as the new face of LA Galaxy, the veteran English midfield battler is expected to provide a great boost to the side, especially with his highly anticipated link-up play with Robbie Keane.

Frank Lampard, David Villa and Andrea Pirlo - New York City FC
After the farcical confusion last year over the actual start date of Lampard's contract, he's finally making his MLS debut this season and will join fellow superstars Villa and Pirlo, who are also newcomers this season. New York must be quite star-struck and quivering with anticipation, expecting great things from the team this year. With a champion goalscorer in Villa, an indefatigable driving presence in Lampard and a stylish midfield conductor in Pirlo, New York now has a formidable trio of stars.

Kaka - Orlando City FC
The Brazilian playmaker and former FIFA Player of the Year is the new face of Orlando's team, and may be an exceptional capture judging by his masterful displays at the highest levels of international soccer. 

With such an influx of proven international stars, it looks like the MLS finally has the attention of the world. This may just be the beginning of some truly exciting times for soccer in the States.