How to Master the Left Back Position

The left back's is one of the more grueling roles in a college football team, covering key aspects of both attack and defense. Keeping these simple tips in mind would help you revel in the role and be a real asset to the team.

Don't neglect your mark
Left backs tend to drift away from the defense line after several attacking runs. In case of counter attacks especially, left backs, if slow to get back to their marks, could leave a wide space for the opposition to exploit.

Learn to cut back in well
Many left backs fail to develop different options in their attack plays, for instance, cutting back in to concentrate attack, instead of merely crossing from the wings. Improving your short passing will greatly help your inside play in offense too.

Work hard on your stamina
Left backs run an incredible amount during a game, sprinting the length of the pitch with attacks and sprinting back to cover the defense. Needlessly to say, keeping fit and improving your stamina should be priorities while training. 

These very basic pointers will help you speed your development and unlock greater skills in your game, improving your team's chances in the college soccer season.