How to be a Better Infielder

If you're one of the infielders in your college baseball team, you're most certainly one of the more crucial cogs in the defensive play of your team. Improving your fitness and gameplay would go a long way toward shutting out opposition and bringing confidence to your pitchers. Here are a few ways to do that: 

Learn to predict the path of the ball effectively
A common hindrance to quick fielding is having to keep your eyes on the ball through your chase while running. Having to focus on the ball reduces your dash speed and the speed with which you lower your arms to field it. Try and develop the ability to accurately predict how the ball will drop or travel so you don't hesitate or slow your pursuit.

Practice hard to master control over your throwing
Your throws are one of your primary weapons as an infielder, and an accurate throw can tip the game in your favor in tight situations. A skilled infielder would also intimidate opposition against trying cheeky plays and pressurize hitters to swing more.

Strive to be lighter on your feet
An infielder is constantly required to dash hard and change directions at speed to make good throws. Being able to shift your weight quickly to improve your running and balance is key to this, and the best way to work on this is to practice catching quick, consecutive throws in different directions, and jumping rope.

Improving these aspects of your game will see you develop quickly into a speedy, precise infielder and severely limit the options of the opposition in attack.