Golfers Volunteer, too

Professional woman golfer Angela Stanford recently held her annual golf tournament in the heart of Texas. Being a native of Texas, Angela cannot wait to get back to this tournament every single year. She looks forward to helping her community in every way possible. 

What made this day even better? The weather was beautiful all day long. Additionally, the people of this city were very happy to see Angela Stafford and all the rest of the golfers, too. This made the entire town come together in no time. 

Angela and the rest of the tournament golfers began this wonderful time by teaching kids how to golf. They showed children many cool tricks and also the essentials of the game, too. However, this did not just stop at golf. The women did so much more with the children, too. As the day went on, more and more children came to learn how to play this game. 

Angela and he tournament golfers also put together various fundraisers throughout the day, too. When the day was just about over, there was almost one hundred thousand dollars raised in one single day. All of this money is dedicated to help people in the area of Texas fight cancer. 

The money is also going to be used to help kids stay out of trouble by getting them into various programs. These programs are all geared to making the state of Texas a better place. All of the region and state officials are very happy with Angela Stanford and the rest of the golfers.