Golfers require a hot putter in order to win at the Highland Meadows Golf Club

The conditions at the Highland Meadows Golf Club are slow and soft. This is the site of Marathon Classic (presented by Owens Corning & O-I) for this week. You should know that the course sustained 3 inches of rain last week. The yardage will be 6.571 and golfers will play to a par 72. You should also know that 6 holes mean winding creek into the game. Dan Maselli, LPGA Rules Official, said that the creed system was overflowing in the past month 3 times. They are hoping that the conditions will be soft and the greens will be very good.

The most important part and the huge challenge will be greens. You saw, last week, golfers at the Lancaster Country Club, had a challenge with putting surfaces. The situation will be the same this week as well. On the stimpmeter, greens will be running at 10 and a bit more, slower that golfers used to play at the Highland Meadows golf course.

This is going to be a putting competition. This means that golfers and members of the Highland Meadows will have a hard time. You should know that this golf course has slopes that can be responsible for hole lost, and small greens that aren’t very desirable for golfers. Bentgrass runs through the greens and fairways. It has been paired with Kentucky bluegrass which will be 3 inches in high on the event. Now, it is a bit lower. The rough will be moved, but just one time, on Friday. There are no important changes to the course. Everything is the same as last year.