The Canadian Football League GM Michael Sam's Career Will Be Over If He Doesn’t Come Back

The General Manager of the Canadian Football League believes that Michael Sam’s career will be over if he doesn’t return to play in Canada for the Montreal Alouettes.

According to the General Manager of the Canadian Football League, Jim Popp, Sma needs to realze the fact that his only hope will be to make a return to the CNF.

“If indeed he chooses to return I will not be that surprised in fact I was surprised that he actually decided to leave. I was very surprised by his actions. If Sam doesn’t come back to the Montreal Alouettes I believe that his career will be over, he is the one with the final decision on this,” Popp said while he was speaking with the Montreal Gazette. “I don’t think he wants to stop playing the game that we all love. That’s why he made the move of playing here.”

Late last week Sam surprised many when he opted to leave the team’s training camp and despite the fact that the Alouettes have maintained their stand with regards to Sam, stating that he left for personal reasons, many believe there is trouble in paradise and that he might be leaving. A statement that was issued out by the team stated that, “the status regarding Sam and whether he will be playing for the Alouettes remains confidential.”

The team has been very careful with how they have dealt with the whole Sam situation in fact they suspended him on Monday, a move that made it possible for them to seek other alternatives while still having the CFL retain rights.