American Football: A brief history

The evolution of American football occurred from the sport of rugby football. The first recorded game of American football happened in sixth of November in 1869. The two teams that competed in the match were Princeton and Rutgers. During the initial days of the game, each team had 25 players. The ball that was used was round in shape and the games comprised of rules that were mingle of rugby and soccer. The initial rules were that the ball was to neither be carried nor picked up but one could kick or bat the ball with their hands, feet, sides or head. The ultimate aim was to advance the ball in the opponent’s goal.

The collegiate football had been played with the rules that were laid down by the host. However, in 1873 representatives from the various universities of Princeton, Yale, Rutgers, Columbia put their heads down in order to formulate the uniform rules. The outcome of the decision resulted in team strength of twenty and field measurements of 400 feet by 205 feet.

In 1880, Walter Camp introduced the tactics of snap in the field of the game replacing the scrum and the team size finally reduced to 11. This introduction did not go well with the fans of the game. This resulted in the limitation towards three tackles or downs and the ball could be advanced by five yards. Professional American football did not happen until 1892, when William "Pudge" Heffelfinger received $500 in return to play the game for the team Allegheny Athletic Association.