College Cup for playing Soccer Organized by NCCA

NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship also commonly known by the name College Cup is held in America. It is an inter college championship that is conducted by NCAA and the winner becomes the national champion in Division I. The tournament which started in the year 1959 has come a long way when only 8 teams used to compete against each other. Now the numbers of teams have increased to 48.

Till now Saint Louishas won the highest number of championship bragging 10 titles with Indiana coming second with 8 and Virgina taking away 7 titles. It is a single elimination tournament. The matches which takes place yearly was last held in the month of November 2014 and continued till December 14th 2014. The popularity of the sport made it being aired on ESPNU for those who could not catch it live on the fields.

The teams are grouped using several factors determined by the NCAA. For the sport, NCAA has divided the country into 8 parts. Apart from other factors, mathematical formulas such as Ratings Percentage Index are used to find the strength and results of the different teams that are participating and which help in grouping the teams as well. The 16 teams whose performances are found to be better than the others fall under a bracket. For the other 32 groups, geographical proximity is considered as a deciding factor.

The first four rounds of the championship are held in the different college sites. The teams who win the first four rounds move to the next level. For such teams the semifinal and final matches are held at a predetermined place.