Who is the most famous female tennis player?

The game has given us tremendous female players during the last years. There are several nominees, including Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Chris Evert, and Monica Seles. 

Considering prizes, awards, trophies and income, we have to narrow it down to Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.  So, let’s see the numbers. 

Serena Williams is on an amazing streak right now. She has won the last 4 Grand Slam events and has only lost 1 game out of the 41 she played. She holds contracts with several sponsors that include PepsiCo. When it comes to money, Williams soars to the high ranks. This year, she earned $9.1 million in the first seven months alone. She is Forbes second highest paid female athlete for the year 2015.

Maria Sharapova has won several prizes that have earned her some serious money. Maria Sharapova is at the top of the Forbes list, with a total $29.7 million.

But when it comes to being famous and recognized, bank accounts do not matter as much as prizes. This is where Serena Williams takes the lead as the most famous female tennis player. Williams has 5.65 million Twitter followers and 2.2 million Instagram followers as opposed to Sharapova’s 1.86 million Twitter followers and 839,000 Instagram followers. This tells us that there are a lot more people interested in following Serena’s adventures and what makes her the most famous female tennis player, maybe of all time.