Manon Rhéaume breaks new ground for women

Manon Rhéaume is a Canadian ice hockey goaltender and also an Olympic silver medalist. She accomplished a variety of historical firsts during her career.

Manon Rhéaume was the first woman to play on an American hockey team when she, in 1992, she signed as a goalie with the National Hockey League's (NHL) Tampa Bay Lightning. Her fantastic achievement transformed the world of women’s hockey. An extension of hockey to ladies is a result of her initiatives. Rhéaume was named to Canada’s National Team as a net-minder and was instrumental in winning a Gold Medal at the 1992 and 1994 IIHF Women's World Championships. She was also a member of the first Canadian women's hockey team to compete at the Winter Games in Nagano in 1998 where she and her team won a Silver Medal. She was the first female authorized to sign a professional hockey contract and in the 16 years since, no other woman has signed a contract with the NHL. She was also the very first lady to be featured in an NHL preseason video game.

She has set up the Manon Rhéaume Foundation which awards scholarships to talented young women to help them realize their goals. She frequently takes part in exhibition games around the world to promote sport and to raise funds for various charities.